We intend to acquire a single, quality company, and we will put 100% of our efforts behind that investment.

We are only interested in transactions where Gum Branch Capital will have a controlling stake in the acquired company. We are not minority investors providing growth capital.

Our partners will take an active role in operating the company, making us an attractive option for owner/operators seeking an exit.

We are focused on "micro-cap" companies that are too small for most private equity firms.

We focus on companies in industries and niches with strong, long-term growth opportunities that benefit from demographic and structural trends in the US economy.

We are long-term investors with no interest in a short-term "strip-and-flip" strategy.

We like businesses with solid histories, strong prospects, excellent customer relationships and happy, capable employees who want to grow with their company. We are not interested in the latest business flavor of the year.

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